GIS Mobile Data Collection App without Coding

Welcome to this Qfield series. In this session, we'll learn how to use QField, a potent tool that interfaces with QGIS, to construct a mobile GIS data-collecting app. We will go over every step of setting up and using QField for collecting mobile data in this series, from planning to implementation.

Without writing any code, we will begin creating a GIS mobile data-gathering app in this video! 
You'll discover how to:

  • Configure QField and link it to QGIS.
  • Get your project and data ready for mobile data collecting.
  • Create and set up your form for collecting data.
  • Establish data transmission and synchronization between QField and QGIS.

After seeing this video, you should be prepared to go on to the following stages of the process and have a strong basis for creating a mobile data-gathering app that works flawlessly with QGIS.

Required conditions:

installed QGIS on your PC (if you want assistance with this step, go to our QGIS Download and Installation instructions). Click Here
Without knowing any code, let's get started and create a GIS mobile data-gathering app!


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