Design a Mobile Survey App without Coding in Just 5 Minutes using QGIS

Simple data collection! Mobile data collection has never been so easy. In this detailed tutorial, we will cover the whole design process of a full-fledged mobile survey app in under 5 minutes, without typing a single line of code, using QGIS. Whether you're a GIS professional, a researcher in the field, or just looking for an effective way to get data, this step-by-step guide walks you through preparing a survey app for field use.

What You'll Learn:

  • An Introduction to QGIS: A quick look at what QGIS is capable of doing.
  • Set up your project: How to create and configure a new project in QGIS.
  • Design Your Survey: Step through the design and customization of your survey form.
  • Deployment for Mobile Devices: Proceed to learn how to publish your survey and access it using mobile devices.
  • Data Collection and Management: Tips on collecting and managing data effectively from such surveys.

Why This Tutorial?

  • Anyone Can Do It: Suitable for beginners, no programming or technical skills are required.
  • Time Efficient: The process is done within 5 minutes.
  • Versatile applications: Applicable to many fields, environmental studies, market research, public health, etc.
  • Free and Open-Source: Make the most of QGIS, one of the leading free and open-source.

For Whom?

  • GIS Professionals
  • Field Researchers
  • Environmental Scientists
  • Market Researchers
  • Public Health Officials
  • Any other person interested in mobile data collection


  • Basic/a bit of concept of QGIS (can be an advantage but not mandatory)
  • Computer loaded with QGIS software
  • Mobile device for the testing of the survey app

Come with me in this hands-on course and find out how you can revolutionize how you manage data through a new system/process of collecting data using QGIS. Begin building your mobile survey app today!


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