How to Digitizing in QGIS

Welcome to the Absolute Beginner's Guide for QGIS, designed to help you take your first steps with QGIS: popular, accessible, and open-source Geographic Information System software. In this series, we shall look at the very general basics of QGIS software, from installation up to a few advanced spatial analysis techniques. It is an excellent series for beginners or someone just starting in the world of QGIS.

In this video, we will go through the basic steps to digitize using QGIS. The digitizing process involves creating vector layers out of a raster image or hardcopy map. We can see that:

  • To learn about various types of digital tools in QGIS.
  • Add a new vector layer and create a digitizing environment.
  • Points, lines, and polygons can be digitized from a raster image.
  • Tips and tricks for efficient digitization.

"At the end of this video, you will be able to create your spatial data in QGIS and start creating your vector layers."


QGIS installed (if you need help with this step, please see our QGIS Download and Installation tutorial) Click Here

Basic understanding of QGIS interfaces and navigation (see our QGIS: First Look course if you need help with this step). Click Here

Let's get started and learn how to digitize in QGIS!


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