A Web App using GeoServer Services with Input Filters and Legend

Our Mega Guide To Building A Powerful Web Application With The Services Of GeoServer In this guide we're going to take you through the process of creating a dynamic web app that uses the ability of GeoServer to receive input filters, legends, and use parameterized SQL views as services.

GeoServer is a powerful Java-based open-source server application that allows you to develop, share, and edit geospatial information. We will take advantage of it and build a web application that makes the map interactive and shows custom data visualizations. 

In this tutorial, you are going to learn: 

  • Initializing GeoServer: We will show how to install and configure GeoServer to serve as a place to keep your geospatial data.
  • Parameterizing SQL Views: In GeoServer, how to create parameterized SQL views to filter the data, as well as customize the data to the request of users.
  • Interactive Input Filters Implements input filters to permit user interaction dynamically with the map data.
  • Create Interactive Legends: Display legends of maps on the interface to compare and visualize your data
  • Combine all components to build an intuitive web app interface with HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

 No matter whether you have a passion for GIS or you are into developing or you are a data scientist, we will help you to build a robust geospatial web application as per your requirements. Stick around and develop cool mapping projects using GeoServer! Remember, hit the Like button, SHARE and Subscribe for MORE geospatial tutorials Now, let's move on to the mapping part! 🗺️


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