Introduction to the GeoServer Web Interface

Welcome to my YouTube tutorial, "Introduction to the GeoServer Web Interface"! In this video, you will be taken through the basics of GeoServer, one of the most powerful servers to share geospatial data with. Whether a GIS professional, developer, or enthusiast, this tutorial will help one learn his way around and make the best of the GeoServer web interface.

What this tutorial teaches:

  • About GeoServer and Where It Fits in Geospatial Data
  • Access and log in to the GeoServer web interface
  • General overview of the main sections and functionalities of the interface
  • Uploading and managing spatial data layers
  • How to prepare and style your data for better visualization
  • Here are some tips on best managing your GeoServer instance: By the end of this video, you'll be pretty used to the GeoServer web interface and ready to start working and sharing your geospatial data.

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