GeoServer Web Service with Parameterized SQL Views

Step-by-step guide to Publish PostGIS layer with custom styling using GeoServer. In this article, using SQL view parameters in GeoServer, we demonstrate the strong features of GeoServer and how we could benefit from this in spatial data handling with more flexibility and performance.

🤔 Geoserver Layers from PostGIS: Like how your PostGIS data can be made so Geoserver can serve some dynamic and interactive web maps.

Create Maps With Custom Styling: Combine layer styling for better-looking and more informative maps. Here, a blend of decisions gives an instructive and appealing guide.

Parameterized SQL Views: Use a combination of SQL views and parameters to query and filter your spatial data from the application based on user input. This next-generation capacity enables visualization and is freeform to adapt to the unique and ever-changing requirements your user community demands.

At the end of this tutorial, you will be able to:

  • Prepare GeoServer to work with PostGIS database
  • Design the layers in GeoServer by using SLD files (Styled Layer Descriptor)
  • Develop Parameterized SQL Views e.g. Views for power users to query the spatial data interactively

With GeoServer, you can publish your data using simple web services, manage your data using an integrated suite of services, style your data, and publish the data on the web through standard and well-documented success APIs. This tutorial is targeted towards professional GIS users, developers, or just people who want to have some hands-on experience with GeoServer. With GeoServer, the final source to fire spatial data will be exposed.


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