Spatial Queries in QGIS

Spatial questions are a useful asset for investigating geospatial information. They permit you to choose highlights in light of their spatial associations with different elements. In QGIS, spatial questions can be performed utilizing the Select by Area and Concentrate by Area handling apparatuses.

This video will show you how to perform spatial questions in QGIS. You will figure out how to:

  •            Select elements that converge, contain, contact, or are inside a specific distance of different highlights.
  • Select elements that fall inside a predefined region, like a cradle or polygon.
  • Make another layer with the aftereffects of your spatial question.

This video is appropriate for novices and moderate clients of QGIS. No related knowledge of spatial questions is required.

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Example use cases for spatial queries in QGIS:

  • Identify all buildings that intersect with a proposed road corridor.
  • Select all lakes that are within 10 kilometers of a major city.
  • Extract all forest areas that are more than 500 hectares in size.
  • Find all rivers that flow through a particular watershed.
  • Identify all residential areas that are within walking distance of a public park.

Benefits of using spatial queries in QGIS:

  • Spatial queries allow you to quickly and easily identify patterns and trends in your data.
  • Spatial queries can be used to select features for further analysis or visualization.
  • Spatial queries can be used to create new layers that contain only the features that you are interested in.


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